Best Muscle Building Workouts For That Dream Body


Train at About 80-90% of Max Intensity

In terms of science intensity, strength technically means a certain percentage of your one rep max. so if you really want to press 80 pounds, then 70 pounds would be equal to 79 percent intensity.

Forget all that. We are talking about muscle building workouts definition in terms of intensity.

Let’s say that 100 percent intensity is where you are training like your life is somewhere on the line and someone is actually holding a gun on your head on each rep.

Don’t try to do that. That’s fine for few sets here and there sometimes. But if you train like that each day, you are not going to go too far. You will definitely be wiped out, and feel awful and may also get injured.

The best way is to dial it down just a bit so that you can continue your training plateau without any injury, for a long time.

Train hard, but train smart.

Understand the Power of Bodyweight Training

For best muscle building workouts, presses, barbell rows, squats, cleans and carries are good, but you also need to include bodyweight exercises in each of your training programs. They help in building lot of muscle and can help you learn the exact concept of maximal tension.

Instead of lying triceps extensions with any EZ bar try doing an extension on rings.

Instead of machine rows, you should do ring rows.

Instead of leg curls you should do glute ham raises.

Instead of doing machine crunches with ab fall outs, do an ab wheel.

Eat Enough of the Right Foods For Muscle Building Workouts
Some people fail to gain any size because they are not eating the right food. Many hard gainers pick their food like birds.

After best muscle building workouts you not only need to load plates at the gym but also at the dinner table.

Skinny guys need to force feed themselves to get faster results.

Carbs are where it’s at when it comes to gaining good size. It’s not possible if you not eating enough protein.

Much of the so called high protein hype everywhere is bullshit. One gram each pound of bodyweight is plenty.

For carbs, you should consume 3-4 grams per pound body weight each day. That’s difficult for some. That’s what it takes, though. So include sufficient amount of potatoes and rice, and add sufficient cabs to your workout drinks.

Some of the best mass building foods are:

· Wild game meats

· Grass fed beef

· Wild caught seafood

· Free roaming organic poultry

· Free roaming, organic eggs

· Cottage cheese

· Rice

· Quinoa

· Greek yogurt

· Potatoes of all kinds

Add in few healthy fats (about 22-55% of total calories, max) from olive oil, nuts, avocado, and coconut oil. Eat a few servings of your favorite fruit per day and all the green veggies that you want.

Sleep 8-10 Hours & Also Take Naps If Possible

You recover during your sleep and also grow. In fact, deep sleep boost your growth hormone and testosterone levels and also help you in managing body’s cortisol levels. It also improves your insulin sensitivity. In absence of sufficient sleep, you will see amazing fall in results.
Maximize Recovery Ability

Muscle building workouts stimulate muscles and also supplies necessary signals for growth. Then you need to feed your body and let it grow. Then you have to feed body and let it recover. This is when actual growth processes take place. If you have a steady recovery you will never grow. So do everything you can to maximize recovery ability. You can also use muscle building supplements to complement your workout.

Take baths or contrast showers after training, use foam rollers, stretch, eliminate stress, meditate, go for a walk or swim on off days, get gentle massages and anything else you can think of to help you recover faster between workouts.